"Our low pressure roof cleaning service is guaranteed to safely and effectively clean and rejuvenate your roof."

Tampa Roof Cleaning Services

Our safe low pressure roof cleaning service is guaranteed to safely and effectively clean and rejuvenate all kinds of different roofs. The algae on your roof is not only unsightly but it can make your roof less efficient and also reduce its useful life. We only use cleaning solutions and techniques recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association (ARMA). No high pressure and no other harsh chemicals or processes. We use our own proprietary biodegradable mix and low pressure to bring out the very best in your roof. Our experience with low pressure roof cleaning allows us to remove these dark stains using the safest and most effective process and cleaning solutions to leave your roof looking brand new again without you having to worry about any damage to your roof or any other part of your property. Our Tampa roof cleaning technicians clean all roof types, including:

  • Asphalt shingle roofs
  • Wood shingle roofs
  • Clay tile shingle roofs
  • Ceramic tile roofs
  • Concrete tile roofs
  • Barrel tile roofs
  • Slate roofs
  • Flat tile roofs
  • PVC (vinyl) membrane roofs

Most homeowners are aware that you don’t want anyone cleaning the shingles on your roof with high pressure. You obviously don’t want anyone blasting your shingles with 3500 psi. But nowadays “non pressure” roof cleaning is touted by many Tampa roof cleaning companies. Why? Because they can clean roofs faster and cheaper if all they do is soak it down with a super strength chemicals, pack up your tools, and drive away. This technique is great from a roof cleaning business perspective, but unfortunately leaving harsh chemicals to bake in the Florida sun on your hot roof is not very good for the adhesive that binds the granules to the asphalt and fiberglass mat and also is not good for any vents up on the roof. The “non pressure” super soak is NOT how the shingle manufacturers want you to clean it – ARMA specifically instructs roof cleaning companies to rinse off the cleaning solution after it is applied. Bottom line, our Tampa roof cleaning process does NOT involve using high pressure, sodium hydroxide, or other super strength chemicals. We only use the safest techniques and chemicals (as prescribed by ARMA) to achieve the best results for your roof, while taking care to first protect your plants and prevent any damage to your landscaping. We 100% guarantee our roof cleaning service to last for 1 full year. This guarantee is meant to give you adequate time to be sure the job has been done properly the first time without harming the integrity of your homes paint and landscaping etc...

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